Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Reviews on LLSA

LLSAPrep Exam provides clients with evidence based reviews of the Life-Long Learning and Self-Assessment articles for each year-cycle which will update your practice on many aspects.
Similar to the Hippo EM, LLSAPrep will strengthen your EM knowledge and prepare you for the LLSA exam. This course is designed and intended to help you review what lies ahead in the upcoming LLSA exam.

The LLSA reading list is based on the articles of the LLSAPrep 2018 Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) program. 2018 LLSA articles are taken almost entirely on-line. These summaries provide the information required for passing the LLSA exam.

LLSA Prep's online 2018 LLSA articles is the most valid article for physicians preparing for LLSA. These articles are rich with important information about the LLSA exam.


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