Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment

Friday, July 29, 2011

ABEM Adjusts LLSA Exam Materials

The American Board of Emergency Medicine has reassessed the relationship between Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment readings (LLSA) and the Continuous Certification Cognitive Expertise Examination (ConCert), removing the required link between the two.
Diplomates will be tested on relevant emergency medicine concepts, but there will not be a direct relationship between the LLSA readings from the previous 10 years and the questions developed for the continuous certification cognitive expertise LLSA ConCert examination.
The ABEM Board created a strong link between LLSA and the ConCert exam. Of course, only those LLSA readings with important and relevant information would be selected for the ConCert examination, but the relationship between the LLSA Exam and the questions on the ConCert examination would be direct and dependable for diplomats.