Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Differences Between LLSA and ConCert

Emergency Medicine Continuous Certification helps diplomates stay current with the latest issues and findings in Emergency Medicine (EM). Lifelong Learning and Self Assessment (LLSA) is designed to support and assist diplomates in continuous learning and analysis of the important information and issues in Emergency Medicine. The ConCert examination serves a very different purpose. The LLSA tests and the EM review course have a very different look and feel.

ABEM LLSA tests are designed to promote learning, while the ConCert examination is designed to test working knowledge of EM clinical practice. The LLSA tests feel very different from the ABEM examinations, which continue to feel like the recertification examinations that ABEM gave in the past.

The EM Review Course is an online, on-demand, open-book, self-assessment test. The LLSA tests are detailed and focused to encourage learning and careful consideration of the material in the readings.

The EM Review Courses tend to question more specific information than will be found on the ConCert examination. The EM review courses are comprehensive, secure, proctored examinations covering what diplomates need to know, without access to other sources, when treating patients. EM Review Courses are learning-focused; ABEM review courses are focused on assessing knowledge needed for clinical practice.

As the concepts represented in the LLSA articles become the standards for practice in Emergency Medicine, those concepts may be tested on the ABEM board certification. The questions of detailed information found on the LLSA tests are not found on the ConCert examination.