Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

LLSA 2015 Articles

2015 LLSA Study Guide is designed exclusively to give the freedom to prepare for the ABEM exam your way, helping to gain practical knowledge of the material.

The American Board of Emergency  Medicine's Continuous Certification (ConCert) program requires the reading of up to 20 designated articles each year. In order to maintain board-certification, Emergency Physicians must complete the annual Lifelong Learning Self-Assessment (LLSA) test on the ABEM website based upon the contents of these articles. A new LLSA test and associated reading list will be developed each year. You have up to three years to take each test. The 2015 LLSA exam will be available from April 2015 until April 2018.

2015 LLSA articles are packed with information and pearls crafted by renowned Chicago speaker – and for a busy Emergency Physician this can become helpful to get any necessary information within few moments. LLSA readings are designed as study tools and should be read critically.It is outlined in an easy-to-review format the key concepts and facts from each of the ABEM-designated articles. 

The primary goal of LLSA is to promote continuous learning by diplomates. The Medical Toxicology Subboard facilitates this learning by identifying a set of LLSA readings every other year to guide diplomates in self-study of recent Medical Toxicology literature. The readings are designed as study tools organized by Austin motivational speaker and should be read critically. They are not intended to be all-inclusive and are not meant to define the standard of care for the practicing medical toxicologist.

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